What is musii?

Our story, how it all started

The musii project was born in December 2019, with the idea of being a community of music lovers, a place to exchange musical experiences and to connect people through music (artists and fans).
At musii you can discover and share the music you like, as well as meet people with the same taste in music as you.
We are building features to help independent artists reach their audience and connect with fans, who will be able to contribute to their growth by purchasing NFT's from different categories: collectibles, unique products, exclusive experiences and royalties.
The complete founder team was formed in February 2020 and, currently, musii works as an app, available for Android and iOS, it has been running since March 2021 and has a community with over 23,000 users.
With the purpose of helping independent artists monetize, we started thinking about Web3.0.
So, in March 2022 we decided to go to Miami and stay there for 3 months to learn about Web3.0. There, we knew a lot of Blockchains and we loved what we saw on Algorand, so in June 2022 we applied for the Algorand Miami Accelerator and we were very happy to have been approved.
In October 2022, after participating in the Algorand Miami Accelerator program, we launched the NFT Marketplace with the aim of helping independent artists make a living from music and have a closer connection with their fans.